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With Zenjob, you can find many different jobs in various industries. The following are only some examples of the jobs available. You can find the actual available jobs by registering in our app.


Many retailers have job vacancies for cashiers in Wiesbaden. Whether in a supermarket, wholesale market, DIY store, fashion boutique or specialist shop, customer service is the top priority for a cashier. Learn more about the requirements for cashier work and find suitable jobs in Wiesbaden.

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Cashier jobs in supermarkets

Stock replenisher

Warehouse operations in chemist’s shops, food shops and wholesale markets are about organisation and customer service. What else do you need to apply for a job as a stock replenisher in Wiesbaden? Click to find out more.

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Stock replenisher for food

Shop assistant

In retail, a shop assistant is not only expected to carry out cashier work, but also provide service-oriented customer care. There are all kinds of different shop assistant jobs available in Wiesbaden. Read here about what you need to keep in mind.

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Sales assistant in a fashion store

Warehouse assistant

It is not only large logistics companies who are looking for warehouse assistants in Wiesbaden, but also e-commerce companies. Warehouse assistants are a crucial part of the supply chain for ensuring timely delivery. More information about the requirements for warehouse assistants in Wiesbaden can be found here.

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Warehouse assistant jobs


As a driver in Wiesbaden, it is your job to ensure the punctual delivery of goods. As well as a driving licence, there are a few other requirements you should also meet. Find out here what you can expect as a driver in Wiesbaden.

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Jobs as driver for delivery services

Temporary bar staff

If you are passionate about making drinks and cocktails, then a job as bar staff in Wiesbaden is just the right thing for you. For jobs where you come into contact with food and drink, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Continue reading to learn about the requirements for a job in catering.

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Temporary bar staff tapping beer


Waiter/waitress jobs can be found all over Wiesbaden. Cafes and restaurants are looking for committed waiters and waitresses who never lose their cool, even during the busiest times. For details of what else you need to work as a waiter/waitress in Wiesbaden, you can read more here.

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Server taking an order in a restaurant

Office staff

Working in an office role in Wiesbaden is not just about administrative tasks. You will also be expected to collate data, create presentations and more. What exactly do you need for a job in an office role in Wiesbaden? Continue reading to find out.

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Office help taking notes


Promoter jobs in Wiesbaden are available for many different promotions and events. Sales promotion involves speaking proactively to people and providing them with more information on the campaign you are promoting. You can find the job profile for a promoter in Wiesbaden here.

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Promoter jobs distributing flyers

Customer centre staff

Call centre agents and customer-facing staff at customer centres in Wiesbaden deal with customer complaints and enquiries. You can find out what exactly you need for a customer service job here.

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Customer support assistant taking a call

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Zenjob in Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden is the state capital of Hesse and also the only one to be located right beside the capital of Rhineland-Palatinate (Mainz). They are separated only by the Rhine, forming a conurbation with a strong economy not far from Frankfurt am Main. During the Second World War, the old buildings of Wiesbaden were largely spared, which has had a strong architectural effect on the city centre. Zenjob has been operating and providing support for flexible, straightforward jobseeking in Wiesbaden since July 2020. The job openings that best meet your needs are presented to you quickly and easily in the app. Whether it is mini jobs, part-time jobs or temporary student jobs, you will find the right one for you!

Salary and wage levels in Wiesbaden

Residents and workers in Hesse can expect to receive the highest average annual salaries in Germany. The average here is €51,300. However, if you want to live in the centre of Wiesbaden, you will also be paying relatively high costs. Rents are below the average for Hesse, but still high. University graduates receive the highest salaries, around €52,600 on average, and the salary level for those with vocational qualifications is also very good at an average of €35,000. This means that part-time jobs in Wiesbaden are also very well paid.

Studying and working in Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden is not only a highly attractive place to work in its own right; its proximity to Mainz and Frankfurt means that looking for flexible jobs in those cities is also an option. The RheinMain University of Applied Sciences and the Hesse University of Applied Sciences offer a variety of courses.

One of Wiesbaden’s largest employers is the German Federal Statistical Office, and there are also numerous consulting businesses that provide exciting insights into a range of industries. As a state capital, the city also has a significant arts and cultural scene. Temporary staff members are in demand in almost every sector, resulting in a large selection of diverse jobs in Wiesbaden.