Zenjob Onboarding in 4 Steps

Before you can start earning money, you’ll need to go through our onboarding process. Don’t worry; you don’t have to send us a cover letter or CV. Our onboarding takes place entirely on your mobile phone. Set aside around 20 minutes to do this.

Start your onboarding

The image shows a young woman completing the Zenjob onboarding on her phone.

How our onboarding works

The first thing you need is the Zenjob app. Download it for free from the App Store or Google Play Store to start your onboarding. Then create your profile in 4 easy steps.

mobile-app male student looking at the zenjob job feed mockup

Verify your phone number


First, you need to register with us. You can do this directly in the app or on our website. Confirm your email address and verify your mobile phone number.

zenjob mobile-app a student looks at his cell phone registration

Our questionnaire

Create a profile

Complete our questionnaire in the Zenjob app and upload all your documents (e.g. your certificate of enrolment). We will review your data and create your profile. This may take a few moments. We will notify you as soon as you can proceed.

mobile-app a student is done with her onboarding steps mockup

Digital signatur

Verify your identity

You must activate your digital signature with our service provider to sign your employment contracts directly in our app. Have your identity documents ready for this. Please note that not all passports meet the technical security requirements of the EU’s Public Register of Authentic Identity and Travel Documents Online.

Check ID requirements

zenjob student done with onboarding indentity conformation

Your general agreement

Activate the app

Finally, you can sign your general agreement directly in your app. This completes your onboarding. Soon afterwards, you will be able to apply for your first job.

Zenjob_Personal: Inventory assistance in the supermarket

Before you start your first job

  • Wallet Icon

    What to do so we can pay your wage:

    Enter your IBAN, tax ID number, and social security number in the app so we can pay your wage immediately after your first shift.

  • App with jobs icon

    What to do to see more jobs:

    Add more information to your profile to see all the jobs that might suit you. Do you have a driver’s licence or any special work experience? Are there times when you are not able to work? Are there areas in your city where you would prefer to work?

  • Certificate icon

    What to do to get more varied job offers:

    To get the most varied job offers, complete one of our free online trainings or order our safety equipment. You’ll unlock our cash register, food service, and warehouse jobs.

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Any other questions?

Learn our requirements for using our service, what your employment relationship with Zenjob looks like, and how to master your first job.

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