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Zenjob offers more than conventional temporary staffing. With our innovative technology and industry-specific expertise, we offer a modern and flexible staffing solution that gives you exactly the temporary staff you need without any effort.

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A digital marketplace for temporary staff and part-time jobs

Companies need workers who can support them when needed. Students need varied part-time jobs that fit flexibly into their everyday lives. Zenjob connects both sides so that each gets exactly what they are looking for.

  • Companies provide their staffing requirements

    Companies use our digital booking platform to specify how many temps they need, with which qualifications, when, and at which location.

  • Talents apply for the shifts

    Eligible Talents see the respective shifts in our mobile app and proactively apply to the ones that suit them best.

  • Zenjob finds the best match

    With our innovative technology, we select the person who best fits the company’s requirements and book them for the shift.

Temporary staff via personnel leasing

Most of our student temps work for you on a short-term basis. Zenjob officially employs them through a general agreement, but they do their work for you. Our Talents sign a temporary employment contract for each job, which regulates their assignment with you. Your benefits:

  • 1

    Zenjob is the primary point of contact for the Talents.

  • 2

    Zenjob handles all personnel administration for the Talents (e.g. payroll accounting, social security registration, etc.).

  • 3

    You only pay the Talents for the hours they work.

Our Talents:
Fully qualified and ready to work

There’s a reason we call our student temps ” Talents”. We use many measures to prepare our temporary staff for their shifts.

Digital training courses

In our Zenjob Online Campus, we provide our Talents with videos, information material and quizzes to prepare them for jobs that require special qualifications ( such as cashier or waiter). Please note that we are happy to create new preparation materials on request.

The image shows how our Zenjob Online Campus works.

German language skills

Some jobs require temporary staff to communicate well in German. Our Talents prove their language skills with official certificates or in our tailor-made language test.

The image shows a young man working as a cashier.

Safety equipment

If required by your job, we provide our Talents with all safety equipment free of charge so that they are adequately protected against accidents in the workplace.

Documents and certificates

Whether it’s a health certificate, certificate of good conduct or driver’s license: If your temporary staff need a specific certificate for their job, we will only book Talents who have submitted the relevant documents.

How we select the best Talents for you

We use AI-supported software to quickly and effectively book exactly those temporary staff who can support you directly with as little additional effort as possible.

Priority for returning Talents

We generally give booking preference to returning Talents. The more familiar the temporary staff are with the job and the location, the quicker they can get started.

The image shows how our booking platform works.

Your Talent Pool

In your Talent Pool on the booking platform, you can see which temporary staff have worked for you in a specific job within the last 120 days.

The image shows two young people who are working as Talents for Zenjob.

How we staff your shift

  • 1

    Instant booking of returning Talents

    If a Talent applies for your shift who has recently worked in the same job at the same location, we will immediately book them.Talents who you’ve rated poorly are excluded from this.

  • 2

    Reserving the shift for returning Talents

    If you create your shift far enough in advance, we will temporarily reserve it exclusively for your returning Talents. Everyone else can still apply for it, but their applications will go on a waiting list until we open the shift to everyone. In this way, we want to increase the chance of booking you a returning Talent.

  • 3

    Selection from all other applications

    If no returning Talent applies for your shift within this period, we will book the most suitable Talent from all applications based on our general selection criteria.

Our key selection criteria

  • 1

    Instant booking of returning Talents

  • 2

    Preferential booking of Talents from your Talent Pool

  • 3

    The most suitable and reliable Talent with relevant experience in a similar job and/or a promising profile (work experience, training, etc.).

Mutual ratings

The way you and the Talent rate each other also plays a role in our selection. If both sides have rated each other well after a shift, we give preference to the Talent for the next booking.

Our solution for long-term needs

If you need longer-term support over several months, our working students may be a good option. We will find the right person for your needs from over 50,000 registered students – without any administrative effort for you.

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Your flexible alternative to temporary work.

We cover your needs quickly and flexibly. 100% digital.

  • 50.000+ temp workers
  • Over 70% of all shifts staffed within 24 h
  • You can make a booking 24/7
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