How does Zenjob work?

Zenjob makes staff bookings easy. We answer your questions and give you specific advice tailored to your needs.

One general contract, many opportunities

Our general contract gives you exclusive, free access to a staffing pool of over 20,000 candidates across Germany. Our talented workers undergo a strict qualification process and receive an average rating from businesses of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Simply enter your requirements online

With just one click, we can contact hundreds of students in seconds via our student app
to fill your vacancy, often within as little as 24 hours. You can view and manage booked shifts flexibly and at any time of day on your booking platform.

Qualified employees are filtered

For short-term jobs, our tried and tested matching algorithm selects suitable candidates based on their experience, rating and skills. For long-term contracts of two months or more, our industry specialist customer advisors will help you find your ideal staff member.

Staff members apply proactively

There is one crucial reason why our temporary staff members are such motivated workers. It is because they apply proactively through the app for the jobs they like best. Thanks to a system of bilateral rating of workers and businesses, you will quickly build up a pool of highly satisfactory returning candidates.

The right induction for the job

In recent years, we have become specialists in a number of sectors and jobs. We would be pleased to work with you to draw up a staff induction plan that is tailored to your needs and specific requirements.

Service-ready at any time

Reliability and professionalism are very important to us. Our customer support is available seven days a week to ensure that your expectations are met to your complete satisfaction.

Activated cities

We operate as a staffing agency in over 30 cities in Germany. Want us to come to your city? Just ask!



What period of time can I book staff members for? Can I hire a staff member for longer than three months?

We provide talented workers for both short-term and longer-term jobs. For contracts of three months or more, we agree a minimum number of hours (usually 10–20 hours a week). Outside term time, staff members on those contracts can even arrange to work up to 40 hours a week.

Will I always get the same staff members for my booking?

That depends on the duration of the contract. For short-term contracts, we cannot guarantee that you will always get the same staff members. To increase the chance that you will, however, you can rate your booked staff members after their first shift. We will do our best to send you staff members you have previously rated positively. For long-term contracts lasting 3–18 months, on the other hand, we guarantee that you will get the same staff member throughout the agreed period.

Do I pay any fixed costs for Zenjob?

In principle, there are no fixed costs. There is no obligation or minimum booking. If you book a staff member for a short period, you will only pay for the hours worked.
If you book a staff member for a period of 3–18 months, you undertake to pay for the number of weekly hours specified in the order form. Because Zenjob guarantees those weekly hours to staff members, we will charge you for the agreed hours even if you do not book them for the full amount of time.

What are the cases in which I can use Zenjob?

You can use Zenjob during times of peak demand as well as to hire student workers. We can provide you with workers in the industrial and commercial sectors.

Can I cancel my booking for free?

For short-term contracts, you can cancel up to 48 hours before the booked shift. After that time, we will charge you the cost of the booking. For long-term bookings of three months or more, there is a notice period of two weeks for cancellations. Shifts cannot be cancelled at short notice in such cases.