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Our personnel platform enables companies to provide themselves with temporary staff on demand.

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Students can use our job app to find one-day jobs that fit flexibly into their daily routine.

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How Zenjob works

Say goodbye to job searches and application processes. Zenjob redefines how you find a side job in Germany.

  1. Download the Zenjob app.
  2. Register, create a profile and get verified.
  3. Book a shift with a few clicks.
  4. Complete the shift.
  5. Receive an advance payment a few days later.
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Find matching jobs near you

Zenjob is active in over 39 cities in Germany. Find side jobs that don’t require speaking german near you.

Making money made easy

Earning money on the side is the easiest thing in the world with Zenjob

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    An app that does it all

    From job searches to payment, trainings and more – all you need is our job app.

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    Find jobs without job search

    Stop wasting your time: we match you with jobs that suit you.

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    Jobs without application

    CV? Cover letter? Interview? A thing of the past. Book a job in just a few clicks.

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    Work as you wish

    It’s entirely up to you when, where and how often you work.

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    Full freedom of choice

    Feel free to change industries, companies and functions as often as you like.

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    Get paid quickly

    Receive the first half of your gross wage a few days after completing a shift./p>

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Zenjob is already available in over 39 cities. Find out, where we are near you.

  • Over 70.000 jobs

    …are published in our job app every month. Choose the one that suits you best today.

  • In over 39 Cities

    …you can find jobs near you or directly in your neighbourhood.

  • Earn up to €15 per hour

    … when you book a side job via Zenjob.

Enjoy life without extra stress

In the Zenjob blog, we show you how to live your life to the fullest without adding stress to your work and study life.