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In the Zenjob app, you can find student jobs for international students across Germany – from large cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, and Munich to classic university towns like Leipzig, Freiburg, and Heidelberg. Once you’ve registered, you can book the shifts that best fit your schedule with just a few clicks! No need to write a single application.

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In the Zenjob app, you can find many student jobs in retail. The image shows a young man helping a female customer during his shift as store assistant.

Exam periods, presentations and group work – there are many variables that determine your schedule as a student. With Zenjob, you can take back some control! Our app lets you decide when, where and how often you work.

Student jobs via app

The days of having to coordinate your shifts with others are over. The Zenjob app doesn’t dictate when and how often you work. It’s all up to you. Do you spontaneously have time for a shift tomorrow because a lecture has been cancelled? Awesome – open the app, find a suitable job, and book it with just a few clicks. No application process. No stress.

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Earn money in retail

In the Zenjob app, you can find many student jobs in retail. Working as a sales assistant in fashion retail is particularly popular because you don’t need to have any previous job experience. Your typical tasks include supporting the employees of a shop in their daily business: sorting clothes, keeping changing rooms tidy and unpacking boxes in the warehouse.

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Student jobs in retail are very popular in the Zenjob app. In this image, a young man is helping a customer during his shift as sales assistant.

Student jobs at events

Our partner companies are always on the lookout for stagehands and other support staff for large events. These student jobs are particularly common in our app during the summer. This makes them perfect for boosting your holiday funds during the semester break.

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The image shows a woman working at a convention. Zenjob offers many student jobs at events, concerts and conventions.

How can I get a student job in Germany?

As an international student, it’s not easy to find a student job in Germany where you don’t need to speak German. Luckily, that’s not the case with Zenjob. Your first English student job is just a few steps away.

  1. Download the Zenjob app.
  2. Register and create a profile.
  3. Get verified.
  4. Browse jobs and book a shift with just a few clicks.

Once you’ve registered, you can book the jobs you like best – without having to submit a single application. Here’s how it works: You sign a framework agreement with Zenjob that allows you to book temporary jobs with our partner companies with just a few clicks. Our student jobs for non-native German speakers range from warehouse jobs to retail jobs.

Please note that you can only use Zenjob if you are enrolled full-time at an officially recognised university, are at least 18 years old, and have good English or German language skills.

You need a German ID or a passport and a valid work permit in Germany for your registration. You also need to have a place of residence in Germany and upload a copy of your current university enrolment certificate (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung), your German social security number (Sozialversicherungsnummer), and a German tax ID (Steuer-ID) to the app.

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You can find suitable student jobs in your city and all over Germany. Sign up and find jobs near you.

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