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Working as a shop assistant is one of the most popular part-time jobs in our app. It’s an ideal entry-level job because you don’t need any special skills or previous experience. As a sales assistant, you support the employees in a shop with their daily tasks. You keep the stockroom, the sales floor and the changing rooms in order and serve the customers. A friendly and open manner and a great willingness to help are basic requirements for this temporary job.

The image shows a young woman working as a shop assistant at Zenjob.
  • €13.20

    This is your average hourly wage as a shop assistant at Zenjob.

  • ~ 8 hours

    This is how long our shop assistant shifts are. They usually take place during the day.

  • 2 seconds

    This is how quickly some people fold T-shirts using a special technique – very useful for sales assistants.

  • Maintaining order

    As a sales assistant, your top priority is to keep the sales floor and stockroom in order. You fold clothes, restock tables and hanging rails, and tidy the changing rooms.

  • Support the sales team

    You support the sales team wherever they need help. You unpack and sort goods in the stockroom, restock the sales floor and ensure everything runs smoothly in the changing rooms.

  • Assist customers

    As a shop assistant, you take care of any customer needs. You also guide them through the queues at the checkout and entrance.

What we’re looking for in a shop assistant

  • Customer service

    Customers are your top priority as a sales assistant. You should be friendly, open and helpful.

  • Team spirit

    It takes a good team to keep a shop running smoothly. As a shop assistant, you need to work well with others.

  • Eye for detail

    As a sales assistant, you are responsible for keeping the sales floor and stockroom in order. It helps if you pay attention to detail.

Your workplace as a shop assistant

Most of our partner companies are in the retail sector, especially the clothing and apparel industry.

Your main place of work is a shop, specifically on the sales floor and in the stockroom. You usually work in a team and coordinate your tasks with your colleagues. A part-time job as a sales assistant is ideal as an entry-level job, as you do not need any special previous experience or skills. Before you start your shift, you will have a short on-site orientation.

The image shows a clothing rack in an apparel store.
The image shows a young man who has been happy using Zenjob.

What our Talents say

It's very flexible! The payment is very fast. And there are always more than enough jobs.


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Date posted: 07/07/2023
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