Upload your certificate of enrolment to Zenjob

If you are registered as a student at Zenjob, we need your valid certificate of enrolment (in German: Immatrikulations-
bescheinigung). As it is only valid for one semester at a time, you have to update it in your app every 6 months at the start of the winter and summer semester. Find out how you can upload your certificate of enrolment in our app.

Upload it now

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Upload your matriculation certificate in 4 steps

Uploading your enrolment certificate is easy and can be done directly in our app. Please do not send us your matriculation certificate by email. We can only accept it if you follow the steps below.

  • 1

    Open your app

    Open your app and click on “My documents” in your profile.

  • 2

    Semester dates

    Enter when your semester begins and ends.

  • 3


    Take a picture of your certificate or upload it as a photo or PDF.

  • 4


    Confirm your selection to finish the upload.

We will review your certificate of enrolment after you finish your upload. Please note that this may take some time. If anything has gone wrong, we will get in touch with you.

Things to keep in mind during the upload

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    Your matriculation certificate must be completely visible, including the verification code or URL (usually at the bottom of the document).

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    We can only accept enrolment certificates in German, English, or Ukrainian.

  • App Download Icon

    App version

    Download the latest version of our app in the App Store or Google Play Store to avoid technical errors during upload.

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    Internet connection

    Ensure you have a stable internet connection during upload to avoid technical errors.

Can I upload my student ID card instead?

At Zenjob, we can only accept your certificate of enrolment as proof of your student status.

In Germany, your certificate of enrolment (also called matriculation certificate or Immatrikulationsbescheinigung in German) is an official document from your university that proves to official institutions and employers that you are currently enrolled there as a student.

Your student ID card usually contains less detailed information. You can use it as a public transport ticket or a library card.

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Having problems? Here’s what you can do!

In most cases, this is just a technical problem. Ensure you have a stable internet connection and have downloaded the latest version of our app. You’re not sure you have? Check your App Store or Google Play Store to find out.

If you still have problems, you can reach us via Chat Support in the Help Center.

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