Stock replenisher jobs (m/f/d) near you!

A real classic when it comes to part-time jobs – and for good reason! In most cases, you don’t need any experience to work as a shelf stacker or stock replenisher (m/f/d). All you need is a short on-site orientation to get started right away. And since the work is mainly done in a team, you can ask questions anytime. Your primary tasks include unpacking and sorting goods. At the same time, you check the best-before date of the stock and keep the sales floor tidy.

As a shelf stacker, you may have to lift heavy boxes, just like the young woman in this image.
  • €13.40

    This is your average hourly wage as a shelf stacker at Zenjob.

  • 4/6/8 hours

    This is how long our replenisher jobs typically are. They usually take place from 6 am to 2 pm.

  • ~ 12,000 items

    This is how many items a supermarket may have in its inventory. This job will introduce you to most of them.

  • Replenishing shelves

    It is written in the job title. As a shelf stacker (m/f/d), you accept goods and unpack, sort, and stock them. You also check the best-before dates of products and keep the sales floor tidy.

  • Ideal entry-level job

    This is an ideal entry-level job because you don’t need any previous experience to be a stocker. You also work in a team and receive a thorough on-site orientation.

  • Customer service

    As you move around the sales floor, customers may ask you for help. If this happens, you should assist or refer them to someone else.

What we’re looking for in a shelf stacker (m/f/d)

  • Stamina

    As a shelf stacker, you move non-stop. You need to have the stamina to bend over, lift objects, and walk all day.

  • Morning person

    New goods usually arrive in the morning. Therefore, you shouldn’t mind going to work early.

  • Resilience

    Some departments, such as the beverage department, require physical fitness, as the products can be heavy.

Your workplace as a stock replenisher

Most of our partner companies are supermarkets, but you will also find stock replenisher jobs in hardware stores and other retail businesses in our app.

As a replenisher, you will mainly work in the stockroom and on the sales floor. You will receive a short on-site orientation and usually work in a team. You can find these jobs all year round, but there is a particularly high demand for temporary staff around Christmas.

As a replenisher, you work in the stock room of a shop.

What our Talents say

I've already worked a few shifts in a supermarket, and I really love the fact that I know my way around and can really support the team now.


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Date posted: 11/08/2023
Valid till: 01/08/2024