Empty job feed in your Zenjob app? Here’s what you can do

If you’re getting very few or no job suggestions on Zenjob, there could be several reasons why. Here are the most common causes for an empty job feed, explained with tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your app.

The image shows a person optimizing the Zenjob app after not seeing any jobs.

Seasonal fluctuations are one of the main reasons you’ll see fewer jobs in your app at certain times of the year. Many companies need less support at the beginning of the year than in later months (the Christmas period, for example, is always busy). You’ll notice this in your app, and during a low season, jobs are less plentiful and get snapped up very quickly. But don’t worry, things usually pick up significantly from spring onwards. Until then, you can optimise your app, open up new jobs with new skills, and explore additional ways to bump up your paycheck, like earning money online.

How to increase job suggestions

First, let’s look at your app. You might be seeing fewer job listings because of your usage and settings. The following tips will help fill up your feed with more offers.

  • Open the app regularly

    The app will recognise* that you are actively searching for jobs.

    *But not in a creepy AI way.

  • Turn on push notifications

    Change your mobile settings to be notified of new jobs asap.

  • Expand your radius

    Go to “Profile > Job Preferences > Where do you want to work?” in the app to expand your search areas.

  • Check the job filter

    Reset the job filter to display all available jobs.

More skills = more jobs

You can never have too many skills, and the more you learn, the more job offers will appear in your app. With training, certificates or equipment [German], you will qualify for more types of shifts.

In-app training

Complete our free cash register training to book supermarket shifts or open up hotel and restaurant jobs with our service training. If you lack previous experience, there’s practical training too. It’s all under “Profile > Trainings & Equipment”. Please note that many of these jobs are only available in German.

Get equipment, get certified

Be eligible for trade, warehouse, production and delivery shifts with free safety shoes. Expand your opportunities further with an online health certificate to work with food (Gesundheitszeugnis) and by getting a police certificate of good conduct (Führungszeugnis).

No jobs in the Zenjob app? Do one of our digital trainings to increase your job offers. The image shows a Zenjob training video on a mobile phone.

Learn new ways to earn

Maybe you’ve already tweaked your settings and gained new skills, but the job front remains scarce. OK, there are still options! You can tap into your inner entrepreneur and discover new ways to earn money online [German]. For example, if you’re a wonder with words, you can be a copywriter or start your own blog. You’re a natural-born teacher? Try online tutoring. You can even be the next big viral hit by becoming an influencer or a YouTube star (please remember us if you do, OK?).

If you’re fully committed to your studies, it’s worth exploring a scholarship [German] to finance your education. The great thing about a scholarship is that, unlike with the BAföG, you don’t have to pay anything back. Funding is from institutions with their own capital.

Finally, if earning right now is difficult, there are ways to save money. Tips and tricks [German] like planning and pre-cooking meals, snapping up student discounts, and buying secondhand will help you fill up that piggy bank a little quicker.

Still no jobs in the Zenjob app? Maybe you can try earning some money online on the side. The image shows a young person working on their mobile phone.

Time to do the taxes?

But stick with us because one idea to help you bridge the gap until your next job is to complete your tax return. Depending on your circumstances, you could be due a tax refund. Here’s some basic tax knowledge for students [German] to make the process easier, including tax allowances, tips for short-term employment, and freelancing. And BAföG/scholarships are not classed as income, so they are all tax-free.

Complete your tax return with Taxfix, and you can even get a 30% discount from us. Bonus win!

Whenever we offer fewer jobs in the Zenjob app is a good time to do your taxes. The image shows a hand holding a 1-Euro coin.

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