Sifem Atasaygin

The Future of Work is what we make of it. That’s why we talk to our colleagues on a regular basis. We want to know what their everyday working lives are like, what they expect from the world of work, and how they imagine the working world of tomorrow. How does a flexible working style influence achieving your career dreams? As a bonus, we also get very personal insights into the everyday lives of our colleagues. Read all about them and their views on the Future of Work in these interviews. 

Sifem Atasaygin is Senior Recruiter at Zenjob. Since she was a kid she always dreamed big. Taking this mindset into the workplace means to believe you can do anything. For her important factors are flexible and equal job opportunities to help find your passion and a career that makes you happy.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was a kid, the world was my oyster. Literally, because I loved oysters. 🙂 I wanted to be a dancer, a fashion designer, an artist, and a secret service agent.

I loved dancing because it was so freeing and expressive. Fashion designer because I loved clothes and thought it would be fun to make my own for people to wear. I loved art because it made me feel like anything was possible. The world could be filled with so many different kinds of people, each with their own stories to tell, and every one of them had something beautiful inside them that deserved to be seen and heard by others. And then there was a secret service agent—probably because there were not enough female secret agent characters in movies, and I knew I could be anyone and do anything.

When I grew up, all those things happened. Well, not all at once — but over the course of my life, each one did happen.

Has anything changed in this desire?

No, never. We need to dream big — we need to imagine what the world could be like if only we could make it so. It’s how we grow up into the best version of ourselves possible.

I have always loved the human element at work. That’s why I studied human resources at university. The Internet, the side-gig economy, and decentralization helped me achieve my dreams. Alongside my studies during my university years I became a Latin Dance Instructor. After joining the professional workforce and working as an HR specialist for years, I have become a fashion designer during the pandemic while working in my day job.

Living in many cities like Dubai, Istanbul, and Berlin; experiencing catastrophic historical events like a pandemic, coup, and war transformed my success definition. Now, I know how a flexible job opportunity can help people achieve their childhood dreams, and that’s why I’m here to help build Zenjob.

If you could change anything about the working world right now, what would it be?

It’s a question I’ve been thinking about for a long time, and I think I would focus on flexibility and equality.

I wish more jobs allowed you to make your own hours; then maybe we wouldn’t have such a problem with the burnout in the world. Giving people time helps them find their passion and pursue a career that makes them happy.

As a result of the pandemic, companies became more flexible in their working style. However, there is no basis for global payroll management in one currency for all countries yet, although cryptocurrency. I would change the salary and payment systems for the working world — wages with cryptocurrency and easy payroll management wherever you are.

What three adjectives describe for you what the future of work will feel like?

Decentralized: Get organized with people worldwide based on your own rules and make decisions autonomously on blockchains. No Managers, no hierarchy but smart contracts.

Nontraditional: There will be a shift from “work-to-earn” to “x-to-earn.” People will make money by taking actions such as playing games, learning new skills, creating art, dancing, or curating content. 

Mixed Incomes: Income will be a mix of things we presently do in our lives. Playing games, traditional work, smart contracts, etc.

Would you rather…

… always work in the office or at home?

I used to say fully remote, but after the pandemic, I realized that I need human connection and environment change once in a while, so it is a hybrid for me. But, It would be home if I had to choose one. 🙂 

… have a less exciting job and a lot of money or an exciting job and less money?

Any job will get less exciting unless there is a constant opportunity to learn and create; hence, I’d prefer to make more money. So I could invest in my learning and experiences.

… blend work and private life or keep work separate from private life?
Have a clear distinction between work and private life.

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