Jatin Arora

The Future of Work is what we make of it. That’s why we talk to our colleagues on a regular basis. We want to know what their everyday working lives are like, what they expect from the world of work, and how they imagine the working world of tomorrow. What impact might automation and the human touch have in the way we work? As a bonus, we also get very personal insights into the everyday lives of our colleagues. Read all about them and their views on the Future of Work in these interviews. 

Jatin Arora is the UK Operations Lead at Zenjob. He sees a future work environment with flexible working hours and a blend of work and private life. While automation might take a bigger part in our future work, the human relevance will remain in working with teams and customers.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Whilst growing up, I always had a great interest in political history such as: American Civil War, Both WWs, Colonialism and Communist China and Russia. This interest developed into passion for politics where I decided to become a politician and also went on to Study History and Politics. I always dreamt of becoming the Prime Minister one day.

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Has anything changed in this desire?

Soon after my graduation I started to lose my love for politics due to thinking how similar major parties of the world are and no matter who is in power, you do not see the impact on the ground level. The idea of left middle and right middle led to parties losing their identities. Though this has once again changed in recent years with a lot of countries seeing polarisation of politics again and being given a clear choice. If this is for the better or not is down to personal opinion.

What do you think a normal workday will look like in 50 years?

In 50 years I will be close to 80 so I hope Zenjob have a clear user group model for pensioners and my day can be full of flexible work 😀

I think in 50 years a normal workday would allow individuals to start working when they want in the day. Automation would have taken care of so much of manual work that the human relevance to a business would only be to provide leadership, long term vision and planning plus adding that human touch to service for customers.

What three adjectives describe for you what the future of work will feel like?

Considerate, flexible and uplifting.

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What would you prefer in your work environment?

Home Office vs. Office?
Always work from home
: Allows flexibility to meet colleagues but also what would be the point of modern tech if we can’t work from anywhere.

Job and money situation?
Have a less exciting job and earn more money
: Not everyone’s financial situation is always for this luxurious option but in the ideal world, this would be my preference. 

Distinction between work and private life?
Blend both areas
: I would blend both areas because when you are friends with people you work with, you are more likely to go that extra mile for them and the company. It is not just a 9-5.

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