You decide what jobs you want to do.

Zenjob gives you the freedom to plan your routine in whatever way suits you best. You decide when and where to work in the UK.

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Everything in one app

From signing the contract to payment, everything is done digitally through the app.

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No more job hunting

We automatically match you with jobs that suit you.

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Application not necessary

Once registered, you can book your jobs easily with a click.

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How does the Zenjob app work?

In the Zenjob app (available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store), you register once and can then work as much as you like – all without having to apply to each job individually. We automatically match you with jobs that suit your experience. You browse your job feed in the app and book your preferred jobs with just one click. For each job, you will be sent an employment contract that you sign right on your phone. You will receive the first half of your gross salary just a few days after you complete the job as an advance payment. You will receive the remainder, minus any applicable taxes, by the 15th of the following month.

What jobs are available at Zenjob?

With Zenjob you can work on a daily basis or as a student worker. We have jobs to suit everyone, no matter how much or how little work experience you have. You can work in retail, on the cash register, in the warehouse, in bars and restaurants or at events and trade fairs. If you want to increase the variety of jobs available in the app, you can also take one of our free training courses.

How do I register with Zenjob?

To use Zenjob, you need to sign a framework agreement. You can do this directly in our app after registering. Please note that we will need some key information from you as part of the registration process, such as your bank details, tax ID and social security number. We need this information to transfer your salary to you quickly and reliably. We handle your data in absolute confidentiality and do not pass it on to third parties, of course. Finally, to enable you to sign your framework agreement directly on your mobile, our service provider Identity Trust will perform a brief identity check on you via a video call.

What are the requirements?

You can currently use Zenjob to look for a job if you have an internet-enabled smartphone and are of legal age. You must also be enrolled full-time at a state-recognized university OR have a full-time job. Good to fluent language skills in German or English are required. You need a valid residence permit and a valid ID card or passport. You don’t need any special work experience to find suitable jobs at Zenjob.

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